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The smallest bar in the world

There’s a whole world behind a small counter, and you can find it in Milan, where a handy bartender mixes a huge amount of flavours. Some of Italy’s most famous cocktails are made at the Backdoor, the smallest bar in the world.

However, the house rules are simple: you’ve got two hours to drink fancy cocktails, and there can only be up to four people inside at the time. No exceptions whatsoever. It takes around two weeks to land a spot inside, but it sure is worth it.

What makes this bar so famous that people all around the world book trips in accordance to when they find a spot? The whiskey, the bartender, the purest ice in the world which comes from Japan which grants you the exact taste of the bourbon. Kind of exclusive, literally.

Take a look from the outside – it could be a brothel, or an old, rusty family business. But knock on the door and find the small universe inside it.