The Italian Job
July 22nd – 25th

The Italian boot was surely made for walking! Walking long distances in order to discover marvels impossible to find anywhere else in the world. Let me take you to the very heel of Italy in an adventure across the region of Bari. My plan is to create a complete experience, consisting of history, shopping, indulging in local cuisine and witnessing unparalleled views.

Needless to say we will be dining in one of the most spectacular places, but not before shopping our bags off in the most fabulous boutiques of the area. Since I’m willing to create a unique experience for my travelers, I would like my group to consist of maximum 6 people, in order to bond and dedicate time to each and every one of you. Feel free to ask me anything!

680 € / price per person


  • Accommodation in a beautiful villa in a nice setting
  • Legendary lunch at Grotta Palazzese
  • Guided visits in Alberobello and Matera
  • Wine in a magical place – wink wink
  • A true Italian shopping experience in fabulous boutiques
  • A seafood delirium dinner

*Payment includes airport transfer, accommodation, food, entrance fees

**Payment does not include plane fares, but I can arrange your flight upon request, for additional cost.

My name is Mihaela and just like you, I look better all around the world.
So, how about travelling the world together?

Travel is my lifestyle and I simply can’t imagine having it any other way. I think life’s greatest discoveries come together with the steps taken and the miles under your heels. But sometimes you need a break, and just rush to the nearest big city and relax. Which is why I’m sending out this invitation to partake in my crazy trips all around the world. Less planning, more traveling. Join me.

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