The Haunted Hike

July 6th – 9th

Now, we’ve all heard about the infamous Dracula. To us, Romanians, the Count is less of a legend and more of a historical figure, but in reality, the ruler was known as Vlad Țepeș, or Vlad Dracul aka Vlad the Impaler. He had a thing for blood and creepy things, such as creatively disposing of his enemies.

He used to live in a castle (obviously) which carries his legacy up to this date. Imagine this spooky house is hosted by Romania’s most spectacular mountains, really close to one of my favourite towns in the country and you’ve got the perfect setting. Whether you’re a professional mountaineer or not, you’ll love this one!

Join me on a hike to grab a taste of Romania’s finest – history, geography, food and much more.

390 € / price per person


  • Accommodation in a cool B&B
  • Entry fee at Dracula’s Castle and Peleș Castle
  • Surprises we do not speak of*
  • Guided hike in the Bucegi mountains
  • Transylvanian style lunch – you’re entitled to expect big
  • Hike to the peaks of Babele and Caraiman


*Payment includes airport transfer, accommodation, food, entrance fees

**Payment does not include plane fares or transportation, but I can arrange your flight upon request, for additional cost.

My name is Mihaela and just like you, I look better all around the world.
So, how about travelling the world together?

Travel is my lifestyle and I simply can’t imagine having it any other way. I think life’s greatest discoveries come together with the steps taken and the miles under your heels. But sometimes you need a break, and just rush to the nearest big city and relax. Which is why I’m sending out this invitation to partake in my crazy trips all around the world. Less planning, more traveling. Join me.

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