Birthdays need to be celebrated in a grandiose style. After all, they’re only once a year, so make sure that you make the day one to remember. So I decided to celebrate my special day this year on a yacht in Türkbükü, one of my favorite locations in Turkey. It is a coastal town in the Muğla Province, located on the Turkish Riviera. But enough introduction. All you really need to know is that it is considered the Saint-Tropez of Turkey. As you can imagine, that means tons of fun in luxurious style. The water is clear, the beaches are beautiful, but nothing could ever beat the feeling of partying on a yacht. I usually look for places where I can relax, but this time I really wanted to party hard. And so I did. Special thanks to all my friends who managed to make this trip all the more beautiful and energetic! I am really lucky to have met you all!